Ready? Set? Term 2!

Our Term 2 Schedule has been added to the Calendar – Foundation Programs and Teacher PD Sessions are now available to book!

In Term 2 we will continue to focus on our six Foundation Programs.

Building the solid footing for our future projects, events and tech tasters, these Foundation Programs and PD Sessions equip students and teachers with the necessary know-how to apply a new perspective, gained through exposure and experience at WTS, to meet challenges and changes. The design thinking process of understand – ideate – prototype/test – implement is the underlying theme of our educational philosophy. We connect students to their futures by showing them the link between education and industry, exposing them to industry standard software and hardware, prompting ingenuity and innovation to solve real-world problems.


Look out!

On May 3rd, we will host our first ever Hip Hop CircusWe are opening the Big Top to industry specialists and local artists to explore the connection of STEM education and Hip Hop! Further information can be found here. Tickets are available via until April 25th!!