A small and dedicated foundation team that is set to grow over the next couple of months.

  • Brenda Frisk

    Director, Wyndham Tech School

    Brenda has worked extensively with digital technologies in education, industry and not-for-profit communities around the world. Always exploring new ways to enthuse, teach and support change within these communities as they are impacted by technological advances that continue to excel expectations on how we live, learn and do business.

    Brenda hails from Canada, moving to New Zealand and now residing in Australia. Brenda started her career teaching and developing digital programs that bridged her students with industry innovations. Developing innovative digital programs and mentoring teachers in digital transformation. Brenda’s teaching career has spanned from multi-disciplinary areas of humanities to digital design and computational sciences. She and her students have won awards for innovative use of technology in education and learning design.

    Brenda has supported organisations future digital visions with design and delivery leadership of virtual learning environments, mobile learning transformation and analytic ecosystems. Working within large education and corporate organizations to start-up technology companies. Industry development focuses ranged from 3D visual solutions in verticals such as aviation, transportation, manufacturing, utilities and education.

    Blending an entrepreneurial mindset, creative and imaginative future thinking with a Human Centered approach frames Brenda’s expertise in the development of strategic responses to digital disruption of traditional organisational models. Strength in digital agility, disruption and transformation.

  • Tracy Hoare

    Lead Learning Coordinator

    Tracy is an Instructional Designer & Trainer with over 15 years’ experience in the IT & Higher Education sectors. Tracy is Certified IV in Training & Assessment and has extensive experience in adult education across many IT disciplines.

    Tracy has a great deal of experience with face to face customer relations, account management and adult education. Tracy joins us from Victoria University where she was the ICT Training Coordinator for ITS, training staff across the University in all things IT. Prior to VU Tracy spent 5 years immersed in the student lifecycle within higher education, implementing and supporting the Student Management systems within Swinburne University and Melbourne University.

  • Dianne Herft

    Digital and Administration Officer

    Dianne commenced her career through the Master of Design Science (Digital Media) from the University of Sydney giving her a broad exposure to the world of digital media and all that it entails. Dianne also brings her experience working in mobile games development as a 3d texture artist and the education sector for a number of years. Dianne has extensive experience working with design elements and customer face to face.

  • Reece Erdman

    Industry Specialist

    Always having a fascination with video and audio production, Reece studied Film & TV production in 2013. After finishing a diploma he was hired as a Teaching/ Technical Assistant focusing in Camera/ Lighting & Post Production. Also working as a freelancer in the film industry in various departments and on productions such as Kong: Skull Island, Pacific Rim 2 and Aquaman.

    Reece is an avid lover of new technology and hope’s to blend the elements of storytelling, the practical knowledge of filmmaking and cutting-edge technology to create a space for students to really explore ideas they haven’t been able to.

  • Paul Taulien

    Industry Specialist

    Paul brings Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering into practical application with the Workshop Spaces at WTS, drawing from experience in product design and development across sectors including packaging, branding, signage and automotive. A varied experience of business roles in combination with design means students are sure to find a spark of interest from the projects and get a valuable industry insight.

  • Brijesh Parmar

    Industry Specialist

    Brij has extensive experience working as an Industrial Designer in manufacturing companies and has played a key role in the design and manufacturing processes of automotive parts, library equipment, furniture, and way-finding signage. He has developed hands on skills through working with various materials and manufacturing methods such as sheet metal, acrylic, timber, laser/plasma cutting, routing, and fabrication.

    Brij is also a committed student of music and cultural arts and has taught at many renowned institutions in India and Australia. He is involved in many community projects as a performer and teacher and is passionate about sharing and reviving these practices.