Town Square

Work collaboratively to build a vision of your local town centre ten years from now.

New for 2020!

This program is currently in development and is available for bookings from Term 3, 2020. Register your interest now.

In this program, students are asked, “What will the local town centre look like in ten years time?” They are invited to consider how factors like online retail, transport methods and energy and environmental costs might change the landscape of the sites they live in and around. The course begins with a historical look at the nearest/most familiar town centre, to see how things have evolved in the past decade. Students are then prompted to consider how the technologies and external pressures that they are aware of might change this landscape.

This program has the potential to incorporate a wide range of themes from across contemporary society. Possible topics for discussion and investigation include:

  • Commerce and Retail
  • Transport
  • The Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Hospitality
  • Recreation
  • Fitness and Health
  • Urban Planning
  • Energy
  • Security and Safety
  • Culture and Art
  • Communication and Socialisation
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Equality and Social Justice
  • Urban Metrics and Data Analysis

Students are given an opportunity to design their vision of what the town square might look like ten years from now. The course allows students to identify how they and their peers will be a part of and contribute to their local community in the future.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Students consider their own place and role within the local community and how the shape of this space will change over the next ten years.
  • Students explore the impact that technological, environmental and social change has upon society.
  • Students investigate how urban space design can effect social change.
  • Skills within the selected Tech area(s) are scaffolded to support the students’ design exploration.
  • An awareness and understanding of the design process is established with supporting design thinking strategies for each key stage.


This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have 20 or more students so we can arrange free buses.

Please be advised that photos taken on the day of student work and participants may be used for internal and external marketing & communication purposes.

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