Tech Tasters

The Wyndham Tech School Industry Tech Taster Day will introduce your students to the future of work.

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Open your minds to the possibilities of future careers using the latest technology. Come and solve real-world issues in the Health, Logistics, Video Gaming and other industries as you try new skills and knowledge using the latest technologies. We may be able to cater to the technology you wish to explore. Please let us know.

Program Structure 

This course is recommended for year 7 to 12. The course is also suitable for VCAL WRS exploration.

You will have the opportunity to explore virtual reality, game design, artificial intelligence in industry and the design thinking process as we discover how industries are solving issues in our community. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the range of industries using 21stC technologies and what career opportunities are available.
  • Explore the practical uses of specific technology to solve real problems
  • Understand how design thinking methods are valuable to any product design industry.

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