Teachable Machines

Use cutting-edge AI and ML tools to design solutions to complex health industry scenarios.

New for 2020!

This program is currently in development and is available for bookings from Term 3, 2020. Register your interest now.

In this program students are asked “How we can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for a healthier future?” They have the opportunity to explore resources about the current state of play in the health industry and the predicted future uses of AI and ML. Students are then prompted to consider a way that they believe this technology could be useful to support people working in health in their region.

The program has the opportunity to incorporate various themes and industries as the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is predicted to impact upon all ways of working. Within the health space there are a wide scope of areas that AI has the potential to influence, including;

  • Diagnosis
  • Predictive intervention
  • Personalised medicine
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Remote healthcare
  • Drug discovery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biological modelling
  • Therapy management and implementation
  • Social assistance support
  • Personalised coaching
  • AI assisted surgery
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces

Students are invited to critically analyse how AI is being used in health and assess its strengths, limitations, and opportunities for the future. This program allows students to explore how careers may be changed by AI, and their opportunity to direct that future.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Students consider their own understanding of Artificial Intelligence and the way it is represented in media.
  • Students investigate how AI and LM are being used, especially in health and wellbeing contexts. They then explore the impacts that AI and ML can have on health outcomes for Australian communities.
  • An awareness and understanding of how to train AI and the information required to do so.
  • Students understand how to implement the iterative design process to improve their work through time.


This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have 20 or more students so we can arrange free buses.

Please be advised that photos taken on the day of student work and participants may be used for internal and external marketing & communication purposes.

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