Robots at Home Coding Challenge

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The Wyndham Tech School in partnership with The Brainary would like to invite you to participate in the Robots at Home Coding Challenge.

Each student will receive a Robot Pack delivered to their home and will participate in 4 x 45-minute sessions over four weeks.  The first three sessions are focused on developing specific skills that students will need to use to complete their challenge in week four.

Session 1. Introduction

Students will work through introductory activities aimed at building their knowledge and understanding of the programming software and their robot. They will code their robot to speak and use basic movements.

Session 2. Camera Control/Object Recognition

The Camera control will be introduced to students and they will use the function to code their robot to recognise different objects and give a different response based on the selected objects.

Session 3. Speech Recognition

The Speech Recognition control will be used in this session. Students will code their robot to understand their voice and based on their voice command, the robot will respond appropriately.

Session 4. Challenge/Assessment

Students will receive their coding challenge pre-reading material before the final session. They will be required to complete and submit their work in the final session. The final session provides the students with the opportunity to work with their facilitators and debug any issues before submission. Student work will be assessed on the accuracy and speed of their robot’s recognition.

Software requirements

  •  A windows operating system is required to run this program
  •  .Net 4.8 Framework Installed

Robot Pack Includes:

  • 1 x JD Humanoid Robot
  • 3 x worksheets based on the first 3 sessions
  • Including pre-reading and 1 x Challenge Template/Worksheet
*Limited Robot Packs Available
*The dates and times for the challenge can be negotiated with each school.

Register your interest in this program