Minecraft – Marine Researchers

Join us on a Minecraft Marine Research Mission to explore the ocean in our region and experience the diverse roles of Marine scientists!.

Minecraft – Marine Researchers

Delivery mode

Virtual Incursion/ Recordings


Minecraft Education Edition

Curriculum focus

Science, Personal and Social Capability

Skills focus

Scientific method, Literacy, Numeracy

Year level

Year 7-12


50min +

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Welcome to the Minecraft Marine Researchers mission, where you will explore the unique and exciting roles of marine scientists and the ocean!

Students interact with different characters and undertake tasks that help them to understand the ocean environment around them. These tasks are modelled off real tasks carried out in environmental research.

Booking this program you will get an introduction to the custom Minecraft world and how to interact, as well as access to a video introduction. This world can be used after the session at the discretion of the teacher to continue exploring and completing an array of tasks.


Program Structure 

Students interact with many different characters about their role in growing scientific understanding of the oceans. Students undertake up to 8 different tasks modelled of scientific methodologies

Using the materials in-game, students work on their own experimental design to solve the mini-challenges in their chosen fields and record the work they have done in understanding the ocean world surrounding their vessel.

Minecraft Marine researchers is a rich, resource filled Minecraft world with lots of potential avenues to explore. This would provide opportunities for students to work asynchronously on a project as well as with support from teachers during class time.

This activity uses the solution fluencies model approach to project-based learning underpinned by the work of Lee Watanabe-Crockett. This outlined in National Science Week teacher resource booklet.


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