Infinity Art

Immerse yourself in a limitless world of interactive creativity.

New for 2020!

Contemporary artists are using emerging technologies to create impactful, immersive and engaging artistic works. VR, AR, AI, robotics and gamification are widespread across the art world – from demoscenes dotted around the globe through to the major galleries. Students from Years 7 through to 12 will be invited to utilise one or more of these artistic media through exposure, exploration and expression during the Infinity Art program.

In this program students will be introduced to relevant tech-biased artists before experimenting with a range of media to produce their own works based around a set stimulus.

The place of VR and online artworks within the contemporary context will be discussed. How do works that can be downloaded and accessed by everyone differ from more ‘traditional’ views of visual and fine art? Where do students see artwork and artistic expression heading in the future?

Students can also be given the opportunity to curate their own exhibitions in either physical or virtual spaces or in a hybrid between the two. The program offers an opportunity to build an ongoing ‘infinite’ archive of student work that showcases student work to future Tech School visitors and the wider community.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Students develop an awareness of the technology-driven art platforms that are available to them while exploring their and their peers’ attitudes and responses to the stimulus material.
  • Foundation skills within the selected Tech areas are established. Those with existing competencies are given freedom to push these further within the program.
  • Deep thinking around the stimulus material is used as a starting point for the artistic explorations and is continued throughout the process. Collaborative discussions and productions are encouraged throughout this program.

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