Humanoids in Healthcare

Explore the world of humanoid robotics by programming industry-level NAO and Pepper robots.


This program is currently in development and is available for bookings from Term 3, 2020. Register your interest now.

This program invites students to consider the role of robots within paediatric health, both now and in the future. Students are exposed to industry perspectives through strong connections to VU Paediatrics and are prompted to consider the unique requirements of this field. Through the use of NAO programmable robots, students work in groups to develop interactive rehabilitation, education and entertainment applications to be deployed within the paediatric care space.Over the past decade we have seen large growth in the deployment of robots into the field of healthcare. Robots are increasingly being used across all aspects of the industry. From robot-augmented surgery using daVinci through to assisting in patient mental health management with PARO, robots are now a vital part of health diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Students are introduced to how young patients are diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated within a range of environments, while also addressing the need to balance socialisation, education and other physical and mental health requirements.

In this program students develop a deep understanding of the unique situations that young patients and their families find themselves in and are asked to build their competencies across a range of tech areas through the exploration and development of assistive solutions.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Students develop their awareness of the paediatric healthcare space, investigating the unique requirements and complexities around young patients and their families.
  • Students build coding and robotics skills.
  • Students work collaboratively to work through the design process.
  • Students build an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of robotics within this highly human-centred field.


This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have 20 or more students so we can arrange free buses.

Please be advised that photos taken on the day of student work and participants may be used for internal and external marketing & communication purposes.

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