Great Graphic Expectations

  • Have you ever  wanted to create a graphic novel?
  • How about bring that graphic novel to life through Augmented Reality?

Flex your creative muscles to re-create a familiar story – with a modern twist! Using the Design Thinking Process, develop your characters, storyline, script and illustrations. After finishing your graphic novel, you will Digitise it using Comic Life 3

Skills & Knowledge

  • Develop students’ problem-solving and collaboration skills
  • Improve literacy and creative writing
  • Develop digital literacy
  • Learn practical skills in realistic scenarios in a safe and controlled learning environment

Using The 21stCentury Technology at the Wyndham Tech School

  • Learn how to design and make a graphic novel using ComicLife.


None. This is a Foundation program and we welcome you and your students with no experience necessary.


It is essential all students complete the media release form. This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have more than 20 so we can arrange free buses.