Applied Design Thinking

Have you ever wanted to express your ideas in new, effective ways? Have you wanted to explore your artistic mind? Would you like to find out about using the design thinking process to explore creative solutions to real life problems?


Professional Development for Educators

The WTS runs a special Professional Development System:


During the Foundation program, Educators may wish to take the opportunity to co-learn with the students.

We also offer special Educator PD for each Foundation program.

Co-Teach Feel confident with the program? Come team-teach with us! We have everything ready so have a chat how you would like to be part of the Foundation program.


We will supply all the resources and let you shine.

There are many different trolleys for many different purposes. We need to carry things around, especially if they’re heavy, and more often than not is impossible, unsafe, time consuming or at least too hard to do the work without a trolley.

Using the Design Thinking Process, create a trolley that will solve a problem for a person given to you in the workshop. Think about what needs to be carried in the trolley, who needs to use it and how. This is your time to be as creative as you want!

Skills & Knowledge

  • Develop students’ problem-solving, creative thinking and collaboration skills
  • Learn practical skills in realistic scenarios in a safe and controlled learning environment
  • Spark students’ creativity and keep them engaged

The Design Thinking Process

Understand the problem – why do you need a trolley to solve the problem

Define the problem – how can you create a trolley to make your life more efficient

Research and brainstorm solutions to your problem

Prototype & Test
Use the resources available to create a prototype trolley and test its efficacy

Continue to understand the problem at hand and refine your solution for its best use



None. This is a Foundation program and we welcome you and your students with no experience necessary.


It is essential all students complete the media release form. This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have 20 or more students so we can arrange free buses.