Emerging Games Technologies

Be immersed in the creative design industry and explore exciting new game technologies. Make games to make a change!

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Emerging Games Technologies

Delivery mode



Paper and Pencils

Curriculum focus

Digital Technologies – can link into any curriculum area

Skills focus

Design Thinking, Literacy, Numeracy, Digital Technologies

Year level

Year 7 – 10


9:15 am – 2:15 pm


The Video Gaming Industry is very strong in Australia and offers a wide range of working opportunities from the art of coding, acting, voice talent, animation and future device design. With more than a third of the best world ranking companies in Melbourne alone, we have a great opportunity to connect with some of the great gaming industry specialists!

Program Structure 

Students will have fun being apart of the immersive and interactive Emerging Gaming Technologies remote program as we explore the current Australian Video Gaming Industry, discover the current and emerging possibilities in game design. We will have fun as we develop a game together and explore what new technologies can be used to create innovative and immersive games. Students will have access to ALL the resources and apps referenced in the remote program.


Students will be able to join the Games Innovation Challenges for all Wyndham District Middle and Senior School students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to the structure and opportunities involved with the Australian Video Game Industry
  • Use the first stages of the Design Thinking methodology
  • State the best industry-standard game engines
  • State several pathways into getting experience in the coding of a computer game
  • Discuss the current and emerging trends of game design.
  • Outline the process of game development. Assist in creating a game using coding.
  • Explore and practice with some of the latest and emerging technologies
  • Use the Design Thinking Process to ideate a game for emerging technology.

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