Drone Flight School

Learn the basics about Drones, safety regulations and public awareness, and what it takes to pilot one accurately!

  • Professional Development for Educators

    The WTS runs a special Professional Development System:


    During the Foundation program, Educators may wish to take the opportunity to co-learn with the students.

    We also offer special Educator PD for each Foundation program.

    Co-Teach Feel confident with the program? Come team-teach with us! We have everything ready so have a chat how you would like to be part of the Foundation program.


    We will supply all the resources and let you shine.

    Have you ever wished to fly a drone?

  • Have you wanted to explore how drones are used in industry?
  • Would you like to learn the rules and regulations of drone flying?

At the Wyndham Tech School, your students have the unique opportunity to use specialised indoor drones to explore new ways of solving problems and presenting prototypes and potential solutions. We specialise in focusing your needs with the Victorian Curriculum and CASA regulations using the Design Thinking methodology.

Drones are becoming a part of everyday life. Discover the ins and outs of drone safety and regulations as well as the highs and lows of flying drones! You will investigate how different industries are using drones and learn how to fly the Parrot Mambo drones.

You and your students will be given a real life challenge to allow you to immerse yourself in the new technology and problem solving methods.

Industry Links

  • Discover the countless applications within industry, such as agriculture, transport or military.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Understand the rules and regulations of flying the indoor drones
  • Explore the many industries utilising this technology
  • Learn practical skills in realistic scenarios in a safe and controlled learning environment
  • Learn how Industry uses these skills and how you can prepare your students to go further, to be prepared for future Industry needs.
  • Discover the effective use of Design Thinking to design and create ideas, concepts and prototypes to help our community.

Using The 21st Century Technology at the Wyndham Tech School

  • Learn how to program the indoor drones.


None. This is a Foundation program and we welcome you and your students with no experience necessary.


It is essential all students complete the media release form. This program can cater for up to 30 students.

Free buses are available for our partner schools.