Diver Discovery

Partnering with City West Water, Diver Discovery is a program designed to engage students in the Water & Waste industry while practicing problem solving skills.

Diver Discovery

Delivery mode

Virtual Incursion


 MS Teams or WebEX teams preferred

Curriculum focus

Science, creative and critical thinking, personal and social capability

Skills focus

Problem solving

Year level

Year 7-10


50min +

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Come on a journey to learn about a job you may not have known existed!

Diver Discovery explores the connection between our Water system and its impact on the ocean. With a focus on developing problem solving skills, explore ideas and solutions to address challenges of the job.

Program Structure 

Diver Discovery is a standalone program that focuses on collaboration and problem solving skills. Students are guided through the process of a problem based learning approach with quick-fire activities. Working collaboratively students explore and hone their ideas. They will create simple prototypes to use as a communication tool and share innovative solutions to the challenges for safe oceans and safe working conditions.

Prompts can be provided for students to do self-directed research ahead of the session.

This activity uses the solution fluencies model approach to project based learning underpinned by the work of Lee Watanabe-Crockett. This outlined in National Science Week teacher resource booklet.

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