Around the World with 80 Spheros

Have you ever wanted to learn coding with robots? Would you like to solve real life problems using robots?

Is it possible to learn and experience vital skills for current and future work places just using a small sphere robot? We will show you how to explore your capabilities using coding and solving real problems affecting our world. Be prepared to think outside the box and prove you are ready!

Begin your programming journey by first learning the basics of controlling your own robot – the Sphero SPRK+. We will explore how to solve simple problems using our little robot even though he is just a little globe! This little guy will help you explore pseudocode, structured programming and problem solving.

Hone your skills by creating various programs before applying this understanding to our challenges. Send your Sphero around the world as you complete challenges, learn new programming tricks and tips along the way.

Skills & Knowledge

  • Discuss the use of robots in Industry
  • Learn about how robots think using Pseudocode
  • Learn how to use structured coding
  • Use structured coding to solve a series of challenges.

Using The 21stCentury Technology at the Wyndham Tech School

  • Learn how to code a robot using spheros and SpheroEdu app.


None. This is a Foundation program and we welcome you and your students with no experience necessary.


It is essential all students complete the media release form. This program can cater for up to 30 students. Please let us know if you have more than 20 so we can arrange free buses.