Here is an overview of our programs. Please follow the links below to find out more or book the program.

Design and Code Games - Unity

Make games to make a change! Learn what goes into the creation and design of a 3D game and protect the animals!

Design and Code Robots – Mindstorm LEGO Ev3 Robots

Immerse your students in an interactive coding session using the latest Lego robotics.

Great Graphic Expectations

Use design thinking, character development, storyboarding, scripting and illustrating to design and create your own digital story!

Design and Develop Sustainable Housing

Your task is to use the industry product processing standards and Design Thinking to demonstrate how to solve environmental problems using sustainable methods.

Drone Flight School - Challenge

We need your help! Our mission is to create a new world-class obstacle course for future pilot training

Come and Try – Industry Tech Tasters

Open your minds to the possibilities of future careers in the Health, Logistics, Video Gaming and other industries using new technologies.

Design and Code Robots – Spheros

Learning to program a robot is a journey – here is where you can make a great start! Solve real problems and make a change!

Humanoids in Healthcare

Humanoid Robots

Explore the world of humanoid robotics by programming industry-level NAO and Pepper robots.

New Programs – Available from Term 2, 2020

Teachable Machines

Use cutting-edge AI and ML tools to design solutions to complex health industry scenarios.


Get an introduction to the risks that come with living, socialising, playing and doing business online.

Future Planes

Peek into the future of travel as we use biomimicry to design the next-generation of planes.

Online Fitness

See how technology is transforming health and fitness through the use of online fitness platforms, health data acquisition and analysis and AI-powered training.

Infinity Art

Immerse yourself in a limitless world of interactive creativity.

Town Square

Work collaboratively to build a vision of your local town centre ten years from now.


Design, prototype and construct your own eco-friendly and sustainable furniture.

Emergency Response

Gain a deep understanding of the obstacles that face emergency responders and develop tech-based solutions to crisis situations.