National Science Week Activities!

National Science Week will run from the 15th - 23rd of August 2020

The theme of National Science Week 2020 is Deep Blue: innovations for the future of our oceans. With this in mind, Wyndham Tech School is embracing the innovative technologies, capabilities and skills needed to achieve environmental and sustainability of
our oceans.

Join Wyndham Tech School for a series of activities during National
Science Week.

Keynote Speaker



Join Vasso as she discusses her career journey and how she is leading a team of researchers at Victoria University working on a COVID-19 vaccine. Find out what advice she has for students today and help them prepare for career challenges and opportunities that a STEM education can provide.

19 August 2020, 2:00-3:00 pm



Languages of the Ocean Project


For many of us, learning comes through storytelling, and we want to hear your stories.
We want to embrace the diversity of our community and come together to share knowledge and understanding about cultures as it relates to the ocean. The challenge, to record a story learnt from your culture or community about the ocean.

We encourage the story to be captured in your preferred language (captions in Australian English). You have the freedom to tell your story using audio, text, images or video and share it with us. For teachers and students from our partner schools wanting to explore digital media tools to tell their stories, WTS offers a program using the Adobe Spark tool.

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Minecraft – Marine Researchers


Students, welcome to the Minecraft Marine Researchers mission, where you will explore the unique and exciting roles of marine scientists and the ocean!
Students interact with 8 different characters about their role in the research mission and get the opportunity to undertake tasks that help them to understand the ocean environment around them. Using the materials in-game, students must work on their own experimental design to solve the mini-challenges in their chosen fields. Students will record the work they have done in understanding the ocean world surrounding their vessel.

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Diver Discovery


Partnering with City West Water, Diver Discovery is a program designed to engage students in discovering a career in the Water & Waste industry that is not well known or understood.

This activity explores the connection between our Water system and its impact on the ocean. Working in a team of peers, explore ideas and solutions to address challenges of the job. Design and create prototypes to share innovative solutions to the challenges for safe oceans and safe working conditions.

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