Hip Hop Circus

Come one! Come all!

On Friday May 3rd 09:15am – 02:30pm we opened the Big Top to industry specialists and performers to bring you an unforgettable STEAM experience!

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This unique event showcased the best of the region’s technology education programs, industry partnerships and student-led science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) experiences.

The Hip Hop Circus brought together local youth culture and performance art infused with frontier technology.

We opened the Big Top from 09:15am to 02:15pm leading you through 7 Workshops displaying various elements of Hip Hop, Circus and their connection to STEAM.

  • Hip Hop Movement – proudly presented by APO Arts Academy https://www.apoartsacademy.com/
  • Goat VR – learn how entertainment is created with advanced virtual reality simulators in this design-thinking-workshop and experience the simulators first hand! https://goatvr.com.au/ 
  • Circus Skills – join us under the Big Top to explore the world of circus skills and performance! proudly presented by Women’s Circus https://www.womenscircus.org.au/
  • Movie Makeup – explore how sketching, photography and technology are used to create screen worthy make up special effects! proudly presented by VU Polytechnic
  • Beatboxing – explore the sounds and rhythms of percussion simulated with your mouth and voice only! proudly presented by @loyaltothebeat
  • Looping – explore the fifth element of Hip Hop! proudly presented by @charlywmusic
  • Sideshow Alley – join our partners as they showcase some of the region’s best technology, education programs, and innovative projects!

Thank you to all who joined us for the day! It was truly a unique experience! See our videos here


Wyndham Tech School would like to thank the following sponsors for supporting the Event