Do More With Digital

Teacher ‘ICT Across the Curriculum’ Workshops

Do More With Digital  Wed 11/9/19 8.30am – 4.00pm


Do More with Digital is a full day workshop that supports primary and secondary teachers to plan for digital classrooms and understand how digital tools can transform thinking and practice across learning areas.

The workshop is a hands-on, collaborative day designed for teachers who are wanting to develop their confidence and skill in integrating digital/ICT into their teaching practice.

Various tools and online services will be explored, and all participants will have the opportunity to work with their peers around how to practically plan and implement digital and ICT in a meaningful way to impact student outcomes. During the day, participants will;

  • Investigate ICT in the Victorian Curriculum and the Victorian Teaching and Learning Model
  • Learn how the ICT Frameworks applies to all learning areas
  • Engage with effective and collaborative online tools and systems throughout the workshop
  • Experiment with strategies for implementing a contemporary curriculum
  • Learn about DET tools and systems through dedicated ‘sandpit’ time

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